Advanced Computer Animation (4541.633A)

2010 Fall



Jehee Lee

E-mail: jehee (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office: 302-325

Phone: 02-880-1845


Teaching Assistance

Kyung Lyul Hyun

E-mail: normit (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office: 302-312-1

Phone: 02-880-1864


Class Hour

Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 to 12:15


Class Room






Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques, Rick Parent, Morgan Kaufmann.


We will cover only a small portion of this textbook. You don't have to buy the book if you don't want.


Numerical Recipes in C (or C++): The art of Scientific Computing, Cambridge.


The C version of the book is available on-line at


Siggraph course notes "Physically Based Modeling" by Andrew Witkin, David Baraff, and Michael Kass.


The course notes and slides are available at



Undergraduate computer graphics

Programming skills with C or C++

Programming skills with OpenGL or DirectX


Grading Policy

Homework and Programming Assignments: 70%

Quiz and Exam: 30%




Week 1

Sep 7

History of Computer Animation


Principles of Animation [slide]

   Chap 1 of Parent


Sep 9

Affine Geometry [slide]


Week 2

Sep 14

Transformation [slide]

   Chap 2.1 of Parent


Sep 16

Solving Linear Systems [slide]

   Chap 2 of Numerical Recipes


Week 3

Sep 21



Sep 23



Week 4

Sep 28

Kinematics [slide]

Chap 4.2 of Parent                                      

Programming assignment #1 (Kinematics of Human Figures) out[Grade]


Sep 30

Inverse Kinematics [slide]

   Chap 4.2.4 of Parent


Week 5

Oct 5

History of Motion Capture [slide]

모션 캡쳐의 과거, 현재, 그리고 미래 [reading]

Chap 6.7 of Parent

Programming Assignment #2 (BVH viewer) out [Grade][BVH Files]


Oct 7

Field trip to the motion capture lab

   Movement Research Lab (Building 302, Room 312-1)

   Programming Assignment #1 in


Week 6

Oct 12

Splines [slide] [note1] [note2]

   Chap 3.1 of Parent


Oct 14

Splines (continued)

   Chap 3.1 of Parent


Week 7

Oct 19

Keyframing and Speed Control [slide]

   Chap 3.2 of Parent


Oct 21

Rotation and Orientation: Fundamentals [slide]

   Unit quaternion basics [reading]

   Chap 2.2 of Parent

   Homework #1 out [quaternion exercises]

   Programming Assignment #2 in


Week 8

Oct 26

Geometric Programming with Rotation and Orientation

   Representing rotations and orientations in geometric computing [reading]


Oct 28

Rotation and Orientation: Interpolation [slide]

   Chap 3.3 of Parent

   Homework #1 in


Week 9

Nov 2

Motion Data Processing [slide]

   Programming Assignment #3 (Interactive character) out [Viewer] [BVH Files]


Nov 4

Midterm exam

   The previous midterm [2005fall] is available for study purpose.


Week 10

Nov 9

Blending and Timewarping [slide]


Nov 11

Multi-dimensional Motion Interpolation


Week 11

Nov 16

Differential Equation Basics


Particle Dynamics

   Siggraph course notes

   Programming Assignment #3 in

   Programming Assignment #4 (Jelly simulator) out description


Nov 18

Implicit Methods

   Siggraph course notes

   Chap 6.6 of Parent


Week 12

Nov 23

No Class


Nov 25

No Class


Week 13

Nov 30

Cloth and Fur

   Siggraph course notes

   Chap 6.6 of Parent

   Programming Assignment #4 in

   Programming Assignment #5 (virtual fashion show) out


Dec 2

Rigid Body Dynamics

   Siggraph course notes

   Chap 4.3 of Parent


Week 14

Dec 7

Constrained Dynamics

   Siggraph course notes

   Chap 4.4 of Parent


Dec 9

Collision and Contact

   Siggraph course notes

   Chap 4.3 of Parent


Week 15

Dec 14

Term Project Presentation: Virtual Fashion Show Contest


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