Computer Game (4190.420)

2011 Fall



Jehee Lee

E-mail: jehee (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office: 302-325

Phone: 02-880-1845


Teaching Assistance

Jungdam Won

E-mail: nonaxis (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office: 302-312-1

Phone: 02-880-1864


Class Hour

Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 to 12:15


Class Room






Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris, Game Architecture and Design, New Riders[book]


Chris Crawford on Game Design, New Riders.



The course attendants tend to be inter-disciplinary. Over years, many non-CSE, non-engineering students were in the classroom including those from the departments of art&design, literature, music, media, and management. So, we decided to make it officially inter-disciplinary. You dont need to have the computer science background to attend the course. The only pre-requisite is your passion for game design and development. Some skills and knowledge that might be helpful include:


Undergraduate computer graphics

Programming skills with C or C++

Programming skills with OpenGL or DirectX

Knowledge and skills in art and design

Knowledge and skills for storytelling

Knowledge and skills for project planning and team management


Grading Policy

Presentation and course participation: 20%

Programming Assignments: 50%

Quiz and Exam: 30%



Schedule (Tentative)

Week 1

Sep 6

Course Introduction and Overview [ppt]


Sep 8

Design Principles: Play [ppt]

   Crawford, Chap 1-3


Week 2

Sep 13

No Class (추석)


Sep 15

Design Principles: Challenge [ppt]

   Crawford, Chap 4


Week 3

Sep 20

Student Project Brainstorming

    Elevator scheduling game


    Twisted time


Sep 22

Student Project Brainstorming

    Dodge the falling blocks

    Net aooni arcade

    칠흑의 성


Week 4

Sep 27

Design Principles: Conflict

   Crawford, Chap5


Sep 29

Design Principles: Interactivity [ppt]

   Crawford, Chap 6


Week 5

Oct 4

Media Translation

   Case Study (창배성 [ppt]): Movie to game

   Case Study (이상민 [ppt]): Game to movie


Oct 6

Development Process: Documentation [ppt]

   Sample outline for a game design

   Guidelines for game concept documents


Week 6

Oct 11

Student Project Proposal

    Space adventure (김효종, 이상민, 장준영)

    The Hourglass (장유민, 창배성, 류석호, 고건)


Oct 13

Design Principles: Creativity [ppt]

   Crawford, Chap 7


Week 7

Oct 18

Student Project Proposal

    Space adventure (이상민, 장준영)


   Case Study (장유민 [ppt]): Facade: A one-act interactive drama


Oct 20

Development Process [ppt]


Week 8

Oct 25

Design Principles: Gameplay [ppt]

   Rollings and Morris, Chap 3


Oct 27

Design Principles: Gameplay (continued)

   Rollings and Morris, Chap 3


   Case Study (장준영 [ppt]): MMORPG emergence


Week 9

Nov 1

Project Progress Meeting


Nov 3

Design Principles: Balance [ppt]

   Rollings and Morris, Chap 5


Week 10

Nov 8

Design Principles: Balance (continued)


   Case Study (고건 [ppt]): Input device


Nov 10

Midterm Exam


Week 11

Nov 15

Design Principles: Balance (continued)


   Case Study (류석호 [ppt]): Game platform


Nov 17

InteractiveStorytelling [ppt]

   A Man's Love Story: An interactive drama with live action footage [video]


   Case Study (창배성 [ppt]): Serious gmae


Week 12

Nov 22

InteractiveStorytelling (continued)


Nov 24

Project Progress Meeting

    The Hourglass (창배성, 장준영, 장유민, 류석호, 고건)


Week 13

Nov 29

Narrativeand Emergence


   Case Study (류석호 [ppt]): Physics simulation


Dec 1



   Case Study (장유민 [ppt]): Game AI


Week 14

Dec 6



   Case Study (고건 [ppt]): Game engine


Dec 8

SeriousGame and Casual Game 


   Case Study (장준영 [ppt]): Loaction based game


Week 15

Dec 20

Term Project Presentation


   The Hourglass : [ppt] / [video]