Computer Game (4190.420)

Fall 2008



Jehee Lee

Building 302, Room 325, Phone 1845

Class hours

Monday and Wednesday 4:00-5:15pm


Building 302, Room 106



Jong Pil Park

jppark (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) kr

Building 302, Room 312-1, Phone 1864


Undergraduate computer graphics

Programming skills for C or C++

Programming skills for OpenGL or DirectX are required.

Grading policy

Homework and class participation : 20%

Term project: 50%

Exams: 30%


The following textbooks are recommended, but not required.


Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris, Game Architecture and Design, New Riders


Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design, New Riders


Chris Crawford on Game Design, New Riders



Week 1

9 / 1

No Class

9 / 3

외부 강연

제목: Interactive Ray Tracing and Sound Rendering in Complex, Dynamic Environments

연사: Dinesh Manocha

일시: 2008년 9월 3일 (수요일) 오후 4시

장소: 302동 308호

Abstract :

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in real-time ray tracing for interactive applications. This is due to increased processing speeds as predicted by Moore's Law, parallelization on multi-core and multi-processing systems and development of ray-coherence techniques. We give an overview of our recent work on ray tracing complex and dynamic environments. These include new model simplification, hierarchical representations and data layout algorithms that can accelerate the performance on massive models by more than an order of magnitude. We also describe novel approaches for interactive sound rendering in complex environments. Our approach is based on ray-frustum tracing that combines the accuracy of volumetric methods with the efficiency of ray tracing. We highlight its application in large, dynamic scenes. To the best of our knowledge, these are the first interactive algorithms for sound propagation in complex scenes running on a desktop machine. (Joint work with members of GAMMA group at UNC Chapel Hill)

Week 2

9 / 8

Course Introduction and Overview [ppt]

9 / 10

Design Principles: Play [ppt]

  • Crawford, Chap 1-3

Week 3

9 / 15

No Class (추석)

9 / 17

Student Project Brainstorming

Week 4

9 / 22

Design Principles: Challenge [ppt]

  • Crawford, Chap 4


9 / 24

Design Principles: Conflict and Interactivity [ppt]

  • Crawford, Chap 5

Week 5

9 /29

Student Project Brainstorming

10 / 1

Design Principles: Interactivity and creativity

Week 6

10 / 6

외부 강연

연사: 강형우 교수 (University of Missouri, St. Louis)

일시: 2008년 10월 6일 (월요일) 오후 4시

장소 : 302동 309호

제목: Flow-based Image Abstraction
요약: We present a non-photorealistic rendering technique that automatically delivers a stylized abstraction of a photograph. Our approach is based on shape/color filtering guided by a vector field that describes the flow of salient features in the image. This flow-based filtering significantly improves the abstraction performance in terms of feature enhancement and stylization. Our method is simple, fast, easy to implement, and applicable to real-time video abstraction. In the second part of the talk, we present a PDE-based iterative approach to image abstraction which allows for continuous control of the level-of-abstraction.

Henry Kang is an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. He received his B.S degree in computer science from Yonsei University, Korea (1994), then his M.S (1996) and Ph.D. (2002) in computer science from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). His research interests include non-photorealistic rendering and animation, illustrative visualization, image and video processing, image-based modeling and rendering, and facial expression animation

10 / 8

Interactive Storytelling [ppt]

  • A Man's Love Story: An interactive drama with live action footage [mov]

Week 7

10 / 13

Student Project Proposal

10 / 15

Interactive Storytelling (continued)

Week 8

10 / 20

Narrative and Emergence

10 / 22

Development Process: Documentation [ppt]

Week 9

10 / 27

Development Process: Case Study of Lineage II [ppt]

10 / 29

Project Progress Meeting

Week 10

11 / 3

No Class