Linkless Octree Using Multi-Level Perfect Hashing

The standard C/C++ implementation of a spatial partitioning data structure, such as octree and quadtree, is often inefficient in terms of storage requirements particularly when the memory overhead for maintaining parent-to-child pointers is significant with respect to the amount of actual data in each tree node. In this work, we present a novel data structure that implements uniform spatial partitioning without storing explicit parent-to-child pointer links. Our linkless tree encodes the storage locations of subdivided nodes using perfect hashing while retaining important properties of uniform spatial partitioning trees, such as coarse-to-fine hierarchical representation, efficient storage usage, and efficient random accessibility. We demonstrate the performance of our linkless trees using image compression and path planning examples.


Myung Geol Choi, Eunjung Ju, Jungwoo Chang, Young J Kim, Jehee Lee, Linkless Octree Using Multi-Level Perfect Hashing, Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2009), Vol.28,No.8.pp.1773-1780
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