Simulating Biped Behaviors from Human Motion Data






Physically based simulation of human motions is an important issue in the context of computer animation, robotics and biomechanics. We present a new technique for allowing our physically-simulated planar biped characters to imitate human behaviors. Our contribution is twofold. We developed an optimization method that transforms any (either motion-captured or kinematically synthesized) biped motion into a physically-feasible, balance-maintaining simulated motion. Our optimization method allows us to collect a rich set of training data that contains stylistic, personality-rich human behaviors. Our controller learning algorithm facilitates the creation and composition of robust dynamic controllers that are learned from training data. We demonstrate a planar articulated character that is dynamically simulated in real time, equipped with an integrated repertoire of motor skills, and controlled interactively to perform desired motions.











[Last modified : July 25, 2007]