Interactive Manipulation of Large-Scale Crowd Animation

Interactive Manipulation of Large-Scale Crowd Animation

Jongmin Kim1         Yeongho Seol2         Taesoo Kwon3         Jehee Lee1
1Seoul National University        2 Weta Digital        3 Hanyang University

Many pedestrians walk straight in the crowd animation (left). We interactively manipulate the crowd animation to follow an s-curve (right).

Editing large-scale crowd animation is a daunting task due to the lack of an efficient manipulation method. This paper presents a novel cage-based editing method for large-scale crowd animation. The cage encloses animated characters and supports convenient space/time manipulation methods that were unachievable with previous approaches. The proposed method is based on a combination of cage-based deformation and as-rigid-as-possible deformation with a set of constraints integrated into the system to produce desired results. Our system allows animators to edit existing crowd animations intuitively with real-time performance while maintaining complex interactions between individual characters. Our examples demonstrate how our cage-based user interfaces mitigate the time and effort for the user to manipulate large crowd animation.


Jongmin Kim, Yeongho Seol, Taesoo Kwon , Jehee Lee
Interactive Manipulation of Large-Scale Crowd Animation, SIGGRAPH 2014, ACM Transactions on Graphics Volume 33 Issue 4.

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