Planning Biped Locomotion


Typical high-level directives for locomotion of human-like characters are useful for interactive games and simulations as well as for producing custom animation. This project focuses on developing new schemes for planning natural-looking locomotion of a biped figure to facilitate rapid motion prototyping and task-level motion generation. Given start and goal positions in a virtual environment, our scheme gives a sequence of motions to move from the start to the goal using a set of live-captured motion clips. Motion planning consists of three steps: roadmap construction, roadmap search, and motion generation. We randomly sample a set of valid footholds from the environment to construct a directed graph, called a roadmap, that guides the locomotion of the figure. Every edge of the roadmap is associated with a recorded motion clip. A sequence of safe footholds to the goal can be searched through the roadmap. The final biped locomotion is created by splicing motion clips and adapting them to follow safe footholds.





[Last modified : Feb 11, 2003]