MRL Seminar(MRL)
2021 Fall


Jehee Lee

E-mail: jehee (at) mrl (dot) snu (dot) ac (dot) kr

Office: 302-325

Phone: 880-1845

Class Hour

Thursday, 19:00 to 20:30




Week Date      Contents
1 09 / 09

(Seunghwan Lee) Interactive modelling of volumetric musculoskeletal anatomy (SIGGRAPH 2021) [link]

(Sunwoo Kim) Reinforcement Learning for Robust Parameterized Locomotion Control of Bipedal Robots (ICRA 2021 ) [link]

2 09 / 16

(Minhyo Jung) Neural Actor: Neural Free-view Synthesis of Human Actors with Pose Control (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021) [link]

(Jiye Lee) TransPose: Real-time 3D Human Translation and Pose Estimation with Six Inertial Sensors (SIGGRAPH 2021) [link]

3 10 / 07

(Yongwoo Lee) A GAN-Like Approach for Physics-Based Imitation Learning and Interactive Character Control(SCA 2021) [link]

(Minseok Kim) Diverse Motion Stylization for Multiple Style Domains via Spatial-Temporal Graph-Based Generative Model(SCA 2021) [link]

4 10 / 14

(Jaedong Lee) Flexible Motion Optimization with Modulated Assistive Forces (SCA 2021) [link]

(Sunmin Lee) DAG Amendment for Inverse Control of Parametric Shapes(Siggraph Asia 2021) [link]

5 10 / 21

(Jungnam Park) Model-based Motion Imitation for Agile, Diverse and Generalizable Quadupedal Locomotion [link] [video]

(Soohwan Park) Motion Recommendation for Online Character Control (Siggraph Asia 2021) [link]

6 10 / 28

(Seyoung Lee) Human Dynamics from Monocular Video with Dynamic Camera Movements (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021) [link]

(Philsik Chang) Large Steps in Inverse Rendering of Geometry (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021) [link]

8 11 / 11

(Sehee Min)

(Taeho Kang) SuperTrack – Motion Tracking for Physically Simulated Characters using Supervised Learning (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021) [link]