Deformable Motion: Squeezing into Cluttered Environments

We present an interactive method that allows animated characters to navigate through cluttered environments. Our characters are equipped with a variety of motion skills to clear obstacles, narrow passages, and highly constrained environment features. Our control method incorporates a behavior model into well-known, standard path planning algorithms. Our behavior model, called deformable motion, consists of a graph of motion capture fragments. The key idea of our approach is to add flexibility on motion fragments such that we can situate them into a cluttered environment via constraint-based formulation. We demonstrate our deformable motion for realtime interactive navigation and global path planning in highly constrained virtual environments.


Myung Geol Choi, Manmyung Kim, Kyunglyul Hyun and Jehee Lee
Deformable Motion: Squeezing into Cluttered Environments
Computer Graphics Forum (EUROGRAPHICS 2011), Vol. 30, No. 2, pp 445-453, April 2011

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