Eunjung Ju

Postdoctoral researcher
Interaction and Robotics Research Center,
Korea Institute of Science and Technology,
Seoul, Korea

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Research Interests

My main research area of concern is stylistic character animation; a behavior of a single character, multi characters and a large number of characters. Animating one part of a character such as a face and hands is also my interest. To generate a stylistic behavior of characters is able to enrich animation contents. For this control, I employ data-driven approach as well as physical-simulation method.Recently, I have worked on learning a bird motion from captured data and simulating various behaviors physically.

 Data-driven Bird Simulation
Eunjung Ju, Byungkuk Choi, Junyong Noh, Jehee Lee
SIGGRAPH 2011 Technical Talk, to appear,
Aug 2011

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 Morphable Crowds
Eunjung Ju, Myung Geol Choi, Minji Park, Jehee Lee, Kang Hoon Lee, Shigeo Takahashi
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010),
Vol.29, No. 6, Dec 2010

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* I open captured crowd data which we used and synthesized crowd data which we demonstrated in this work. You can download all data in this page.

 Linkless Octree Using Multi-Level Perfect Hashing
Myung Geol Choi, Eunjung Ju, Jungwoo Chang, Young J Kim, Jehee Lee
Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2009),
Vol.28, No.8, pp.1773-1780, Oct 2009

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 Expressive Facial Gestures from Motion Capture Data
Eunjung Ju, Jehee Lee
Computer Graphics Forum (EUROGRAPHICS 2008),
Vol.27, Num.2, pp.381-388, Apr 2008

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스케치 인터페이스를 이용한 데이터 기반 얼굴 애니메이션 (in Korean)
(Data-driven Facial Animation Using Sketch Interface)
Eunjung Ju, Sohmin Ahn, Jehee Lee
Journal of the Korea Computer Graphics Society Vol.13, No.3, Sep 2007

A Sketch Interface for Synthesizing Character Animation (Extended Abstract)
Eunjung Ju, Kyoung Yong Yang, Jehee Lee
The 7th Korea-Israel Bi-National Conference on Geometric modeling and Computer Graphics, Feb 2007

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