Interactive Character Animation by Learning Multi-Objective Control  
  Aerobatics Control of Flying Creatures vid Self-Regulated Learning  
  A physics-based Juggling Simulation using Reinforcement Learning  
  Multi-Segment Foot Modeling  
  Dexterous Manipulation and Control with Volumetric Muscles  
  How to Train Your Dragon: Example-Guided Control of Flapping Flight  
  Shadow Theatre: Discovering Human Motion from a Sequence of Silhouettes  
  Generating and Ranking Diverse Multi-Character Interactions  
  Data-driven Control of Flapping Flight  
  Tiling Motion Patches  
  Finding Syntactic Structures from Human Motion Data  
  Deformable Motion: Squeezing into Cluttered Environments  
  Morphable Crowds  
  Editing Dynamic Human Motions via Momentum and Force  
  Data-Driven Biped Control  
  Linkless Octree Using Multi-Level Perfect Hashing  
  Synchronized Multi-Character Motion Editing  
  Group Motion Editing  
  Facial Gestures from Motion Capture  
  Group Behavior from Video  
  Simulating Biped Behaviors  
  Low-Dimensional Motion Space  
  Motion Patches  
  Precomputing Avatar Behavior  
  Interactive Avatar Control  
  Planning Biped Locomotion  
  Computer Puppetry  
  Multiresolution Motion Analysis and Synthesis  
  Interactive Motion Editing