Motion Database

Explanation :   SNU motion database contains motion data of human and animal's various activities. Motion data is categorized by human, animal subject, action, emotion, and interaction with various environment.
Site:  SNU Motion Database
  Control Bird

Related Author :   Eunjung Ju , Jungdam Won
Explanation :   You can physically simulate a dove in this program which was developed for "Data-driven Control of Flapping Fight, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2013".
Related Publication:   Transaction on Graphincs 2013  Bird_Simulator

  Crowd Data

Related Author :   Eunjung Ju
Explanation :   This captured crowd data which we used and synthesized crowd data is demonstrated in "Morphable Crowds, ACM Transactions on Graphics (Siggraph Asia 2010)".
Related Publication:   Siggraph Asia 2010
Code Page:  Crowd Data

  Data-driven biped controller

Related Author :   Yoonsang Lee
Explanation :  This software is an implementation of a dynamic controller to physically simulate under-actuated three-dimensional full-body biped locomotion. The controller takes motion capture reference data to reproduce realistic human locomotion through realtime physically based simulation. Examples includes turning, spining, and walking while steering its direction interactively.
Related Publication:   Siggraph 2010  Data_driven_biped_controller

  Tiling patch

Related Author :  Manmyung Kim , Kyunglyul Hyun
Explanation :  This code was written for and is being made available to accompany the Symposium on Computer Animation 2012 paper "Tiling Motion Patches". When you run the code, it begins to make tilings.
Related Publication:   Symposium on Computer Animation 2012 Tiling_Motion_Patch

  Pmqm library

Related Author :  Jehee Lee
Explanation :   PmQm is a library, which includes data structures and operators for character animation. The classes and operators related to character/animation/motion have Pm prefix. Mathematical/geometrical operators have Qm prefix.
Related Publication:   Siggraph 1999 , Graphical Models 2001 , TVCG 2002 , Siggraph 2002  PmQm_Library

  Math library

Related Author :   Jehee Lee
Explanation :   Math library defines data structures and their operators for mathematical objects, which include points, vectors, quaternions, and transformations.
Related Publication:   Siggraph 1999 , Graphical Models 2001 , TVCG 2002 , Siggraph 2002  Mathclass_Library